Happy winner of the Agritechnica competition


Anna Lehmann wins the Hoftrac 1390e for 10 days.

Gewinnerin vom Weidemann Hoftrac 1390e des Agritechnica Gewinnspiels

At the last Agritechnica 2023 in Hanover, visitors were able to take part in an attractive competition at the Weidemann trade stand. First prize was an electric Hoftrac for 10 days. Alongside numerous participants, Anna Lehmann from Hamersbachtal in the Black Forest tried her luck and took part in the competition, only to win use of the machine.

In April, the time came to deliver the machine to the farm with a light materials bucket, pallet fork, fork & grab and EURO adapter. “I was so happy that I won. My dad was also really happy and, of course, really enjoyed driving the machine,” Anna Lehmann said with a smile. The farm is being cultivated on the sideline and has a contiguous self-marketing strategy. Anna Lehmann has also just completed her training to become a farmer and can therefore apply her knowledge to the operation.

Elektrisch betriebener Weidemann Hoftrac 1390e im Einsatz mit Leichtgutschaufel

Alongside five cattle and four pigs, there are also goats and rabbits on the farm. “It is a super machine. It is compact and you get right into the corners. And because we live on a hill here, the auto-hill-hold and hill-hold functions are great!” explained Anna Lehmann elated. These functions prevent the machine from unintentionally rolling away, while simultaneously increasing the level of safety when working.  The machine was primarily used to transport wood and manure.

Other family members also live and work on the farm. Her uncle runs an adventure farm for children here. It is possible to have children’s birthday parties here; children are able to playfully experience nature and animals up close. All family members were excited about the win and were won over by the electrically-powered machine.