A Weidemann in the Western Town of Pullman City Harz.

Weidemann Teleskopradlader 5080T im Einsatz auf Pullmann City Harz

In the middle of Germany at the foot of Mount Brocken, the largest Western town in German came into being in 1999.

Action-rich shows, an authentic Western backdrop, convincing actors, ponies and horses, as well as a variety of Western adventure awaits the visitors. In 2000, Pullman City Harz opened its doors for the first time. Since then, the Western town, including the hotel complex, has steadily grown and provides a point of contact for families, adventurers and Western fans of the most diverse sectors. Therefore, for example, the themed days and weeks are a firm component of the season. Aside from this, the daily show programme takes place, which includes Western performances, wagon rides and pony rides.

Since the start of 2022, a Weidemann 5080T has been supporting the team of Pullman City Harz. Tobias Franke, known as Fritze, is responsible for the telescopic wheel loader, which he uses to care for the approx. 45 ponies, mules and horses, 10 longhorns, 5 bison as well as the “small farm” with the petting zoo. In addition to this are the 29 guest boxes for horseback hikers. This means around 900 to 1,000 round bales of hay per year, which need to be stored and moved. Only about 80 bales are stored on the premises. The other bales are generally delivered by a partner farmer. Furthermore, there is then a whole lot of silage and straw. “Naturally we had mechanical support on the premises from the start”, said Fritze. “When we were on the hunt for an addition to the fleet in 2021, we came across the Weidemann really quickly. We needed strength and power, yet also needed goof manoeuvrability. We found all of this in the 5080T from Weidemann.” The cowboys had also had good experience with the Weidemann distributor HFT in the past.

Weidemann Teleskopradlader 5080T im Einsatz mit Ballenspieß

Diverse range of tasks in the Western town.

Since acquiring the Weidemann, its work area has been significantly extended. Alongside caring for their own animals and those of the guests, there are many other daily tasks. For example, the laundry bags are taken from the Grand Silver Star Hotel to the laundry facilities, pallets are moved, construction materials are taken to the most recent extension project, market stands are set up, Christmas lighting is hung, etc. “When we last organised our aircraft event, we had to store 180 - 190 aeroplanes. We have our own landing strip behind the premises; however, we had to prepare the horse paddocks as parking stands, in addition to mulching it and evening out any bumps. With the Weidemann of course.” During the season, the Western town employees around 120 to 130 employees, incl. temporary staff. There are around 80 events and festivals that take place during the season. Included herein, alongside the aeroplane meet, are for example, meets for bikers, quad rider and horseback hikers. Training and courses, alongside everything else to do with the Wild West, round off the the programme. From horse-whispering through to the Native American Culture - therefore sufficient work for both Fritze and his Weidemann.