Redevelopment in the Fukushima region.

Weidemann Teleskoplader T4512 im Einsatz mit einer Palettengabel bei der Zwiebelernte

12 communities supported by the support programme for the area affected by the nuclear power catastrophe.

On 11 March 2011, the nuclear power plant in Fukushima suffered huge damage due to the severe earthquake. Since then, there has been redevelopment of the region and the people are beginning to return back to their home-town. The core business within Fukushima is the agricultural sector. For this reason, the Japanese government has developed a special redevelopment plan for the agricultural industry. The government is in particular subsidising specialist machinery for agriculture. A positive example is the 3 ha onion farm “Namie Town onion production committee”. It currently employees six employees. Each year, depending on the weather conditions, between three and five tonnes of onions are produced, which are then delivered to different supermarkets.

Alongside the onion harvester, two tractors have been equipped with front loaders and a lift truck for the harvest and transportation of the onion container. Since 2021, the compact telehandler T4512 has also been used as, contrary to a lift truck, it is able to efficiently and safely perform work on uneven terrain and the machine’s performance has been impressive on the field. The Weidemann is primarily used for transport and loading works.