Weidemann wheel loader 9080 in use
Weidemann wheel loader 9080 in use
Weidemann wheel loader 9080 in use
Weidemann wheel loader 9080 in use


The specialists at the corn silo.

Weidemann machines are widely distributed within agriculture - what is more apparent is that in the last few years, their use on biogas systems has arisen from this almost self-evidently. If a machine is already at the yard, you would naturally want to get the most out of it and with the suitable attachments, you can efficiently cover the operations for the biogas system.

The structure and operation of biogas systems is well now well distributed thanks to the promotion of regenerative energies - for many farmers this is a good source of income alongside the agricultural primary focus of the operation.

A powerful wheel loader or telehandler can be used brilliantly in the installation of biogas systems. The daily filling of the system and the extraction at the corn silo are effortlessly completed by a machine of suitable size. The machines can also be used as a multi-tool when cleaning the fixed silo systems, for the transport of tarpaulins and filling materials, as well for other maintenance works “on the plate”.

Tasks and applications around the biogas system

Discover the options from some examples.

  • Weidemann wheel loader 9080 in use

    Compact the silo

    The well compacted layering is an important feature of quality for the system of a silo stock. The operating weight and the thrust power of the Weidemann machine play a crucial role in this. With the green goods fork with a large working width, this operation can be performed evenly.

  • Weidemann telehandler T6027 in use

    Removal of solid material

    For the removal of solids and silage, the lifting height, stability, and turning circle are crucial. With the extensive machine range by Weidemann, different dimensioned biogas systems can be operated with the correct machine.

  • Weidemann telehandler T7042 in use

    Filling systems

    The solid injection is among the tasks on a biogas plant, which recur several times a day. Depending on the size of the machine, Weidemann has a number of different buckets, grapples, and tongs available for you that are best suited to very efficiently filling the system.

  • Weidemann telehandler T6027 in use

    Maneuver well

    Precise, to-the-centimeter working alongside silo walls is one of the challenges of biogas systems. So that you can move sideways with the machine when doing this, our telehandler is equipped with crab steering.

  • Weidemann telehandler T6027 in use

    Transport works

    All things that necessitate transportation on a biogas plant, can be moved using a Weidemann machine. With the right attachments, like pallet forks, diverse buckets and grapples, you can securely hold and lift goods for transportation.

  • Weidemann telehandler T6027 in use


    Weidemann machines can be equipped with diverse sweeping machines, high-pressure cleaners, and brooms to clear dirt of any kind. The silo base can be quickly and easily cleaned with the broom, which can be easily attached.

  • Grounds maintenance

    To mow green spaces it is recommended that the Weidemann machine is equipped with a rotary mower, mulcher, or a flail mower. Likewise available for pruning hedges, shrubs, and trees are pruning saws, hedge cutters and double-knife mowers.

  • Weidemann Hoftrac 1390 in use

    Winter services

    Depending on the model, Weidemann machines can be equipped with different snow blades, rear spreaders, and snow blowers. Thus you will receive valuable support during your winter service in clearing the site of snow and ice.

  • Weidemann telehandler T6027 in use

    Other work

    Frequently we hear our customers say: “We could not do away with our Weidemann in the yard!” And it is true: many of the other arising tasks are perfectly-well supported by our multi-tools. You can experience it yourself!

Weidemann in use

Biogas application reports

Our customers in the biogas sector report which Weidemann machines they use on their operations, and which activities they complete with the machines.

Weidemann telehandler T7042 in use

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