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Customer services & spare parts

To get a spare part quickly and have a competent workshop close by – these requirements are extremely important to you as the owner and operator of machinery. Should the occasion arise, it is essentially about ensuring that your machine is ready to use and available quickly.

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We prepare your dealer!

With ever more technically complex machine specification, it is a necessity that our dealer workshop employees are high-grade. At Weidemann we support our distributors with regularly occurring, practice-oriented service training sessions in our modern, well-equipped training center.

Furthermore, your distributor will have a constantly updated diagnostics device with access to the current, published machine software, as well as good, comprehensible documentation with comprehensive service manuals.

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This is how we ensure that you are professionally consulted by our distributors on-site nationally and internationally about all machine generations, and that the work is performed in your specialist workshop to your satisfaction. The high economic efficiency and well-functioning running performance of your machine over a long period of time are dependent on these aspects.

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24 hr order service

  • In the spare parts sector, speed is required – as our Weidemann machines are generally used every day by you, it is essential that your machines are repaired as quickly as possible, where necessary. To achieve this, Weidemann offers a central spare parts warehouse and facilitates specialist dealers with an electronic 24hr order service and a 24hr delivery service within Europe.
  • Many of our distributors also have their own well-equipped spare parts and maintenance item warehouse so that many of the common parts are already available on-site for you.