Weidemann Hoftrac 1390 and telehandler T4512 in use
Weidemann Hoftrac 1390 and telehandler T4512 in use

Timber industry

The wood all-rounder.

Weidemann machines have been widely distributed for decades within agriculture - what is more apparent is that their use in the timber industry has arisen from this almost self-evidently. If a machine is already in the yard, you naturally like to utilize its full potential. With the right attachments, “making wood” is not a problem.

The processing of firewood is once again in demand thanks to the again increasing and strong spread of wood burners and stoves, and for many farmers this is an additional source of income alongside their own sourcing of firewood.

Even at home in the sawmill.

With their maneuverability, compact design, and low consumption, the Weidemann machines complement the large machines performing the heavy work in the sawmills. Loading works, stacking and removing trunks, and filling the energy recuperation systems are their specialism here.

Tasks and applications in the timber industry

Discover the options from some examples.

  • Weidemann wheel loader 2080 in use

    Transport works

    With a logging fork, the Weidemann machine is well-suited to holding, stacking and transporting timber logs and weak wood equally. The grip function of the fork provides a secure hold on the timber with the driving and lifting movements.

  • Weidemann Hoftrac 1390 in use

    Splitting wood

    Powerful Weidemann machines, with their high tipping and/or payload, perfectly and efficiently fulfill the roles of supplier and customer in the professional splitting of wood - naturally the subsequent loading of firewood boxes in the hanger is included within this.

  • Weidemann telehandler T5522 in use

    Building piles

    At a sawmill, the handling of delivered tree trunks in length-organized piles within the storage facility is a daily recurring task. Complete stability and a high payload, as well as a good reach of the telescopic arm are demanded of a work machine for this.

  • Weidemann telehandler T5522 in use

    Filling systems

    Personal use of the sawdust from the enclosure is customary practice at sawmills. Therefore, the bucket volume, stability of the machine and upwards visibility are of equal relevance for filling systems.

  • Weidemann telehandler T5522 in use

    Loading work

    The storage space for finished goods is restricted in such a ways at a sawmill that trucks must frequently be loaded from one side. This is not a problem with a Weidemann telehandler, because the arm of the machine can reach to the furthest row of loading area.

  • Weidemann telehandler T5522 in use

    Stacking work

    In a sawmill, a Weidemann machine can support the secure stacking of finished products. Here, the Weidemann fits the interaction between lifting height, stability, and maneuverability, making it the ideal machine type.

  • Weidemann Hoftrac 1390 in use

    Winter services

    Depending on the model, Weidemann machines can be equipped with different snow blades and rear spreaders. Thus you will receive valuable support during your winter service in clearing the site as well as access and service roads of snow and ice.

  • Weidemann wheel loader 2080 in use


    The removal of wood waste can be completed with ease using the different brooms and sweeping machines. Turn your Weidemann into a multi-tool, and depending on the size and condition of the timber waste, select the right attachment for the job.

  • Weidemann Hoftrac 1380 in use

    Grounds maintenance

    To mow green spaces it is recommended that the Weidemann machine is equipped with a rotary mower, mulcher, or a flail mower. Likewise available for pruning hedges, shrubs, and trees are pruning saws, hedge cutters and double-knife mowers.

Weidemann in use

Weidemann telehandler T4512 in use

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