Weidemann Kampagnenmotiv Think Electric mit Hoftrac 1190e, 1390e und Teleskoplader T4512e
Weidemann Hoftrac 1190e in use with bale fork
Weidemann Hoftrac 1390e mit Kabine auf einem Spielplatz
Weidemann Teleskoplader T4512e im landwirtschaftlichen Einsatz
Weidemann Hoftrac 1190e cabin in use with riding ring and track planer
Weidemann Hoftrac 1390e mit Fahrerschutzdach im landwirtschaftlichen Einsatz
Weidemann Teleskoplader T4512e mit Palettengabel im Einsatz
Weidemann Hoftrac 1190e cabin in use in city park with sweeping machine

zero emission

Logo zero emission

Think electric – simply work emission-free.

CO₂ exhaust gases, noise, and soot particles in buildings - that’s a thing of the past! With the fully electrically-driven machines by Weidemann, you can work on-site completely free of emissions and with a clear reduction in noise.

This is already a long-standing and successful tradition at Weidemann: We have already been successfully producing fully-electrically driven, compact wheel loaders/Hoftracs in series since 2015. Over the last few years, many of our customers have consciously chosen an electric drive and would no longer do without these machines in their everyday working life.

Weidemann Teleskoplader T4512e im Einsatz mit Greifschaufel im Einsatz im Kuhstall

Benefits that are impressive!

The option to be able to work without exhaust gases on-site and in doing so, to work quietly, provides interesting benefits in many sectors:

  • The operator receives better working conditions and is clearly relieved.
  • Neither exhaust gases, nor noise present a disturbance during your working day, which is particularly beneficial for applications in trade & industry.
  • The conditions for your valuable livestock are improved enormously in the livestock facilities.
Weidemann Hoftrac 1190e cabin in use with lightweight bucket

Benefits that are impressive!

  • In municipal environmental zones, building yards, and noise-sensitive cemeteries, our electrically-driven machines increase the full bandwidth of your benefits.

  • In the hotel and leisure sector you can effortlessly work without disrupting your guests or visitors.

  • And even the neighbors will be pleased with these machines in your operation!

Weidemann Hoftrac 1390e mit Kabine an der Ladesäule im Studio

Environmentally friendliness that pays off constantly:

  • If you compare an electrically-driven machine with a diesel machine  across their whole service life, it is possible to see that the operating costs in the e-sector are far less.
  • The initial outlay of an electric machine, in terms of the procurement price, carries weight. However, this is relativized over the life-cycle.
  • To be included in this are the low energy costs and clearly reduced service costs, as well as, where applicable, a battery replacement.
  • If you include the energy generation and turnover from a PV system, there are more positive economic effects to consider.

Weidemann designed the electrically-driven wheel loader and telehandler with reliable quality and highly thought-out functionality – and all of this without any performance loss when compared with the diesel model.

Weidemann Hoftrac 1190e in the studio with open engine hood, look at the battery

Always the right running time:

  • The maintenance-free lithium-ion battery running times are dependent on the respective application conditions, the work task, and the driving style.
  • With the different battery sizes and charge capacities of our machines, we can effortlessly cover a working day.
  • Interim charging is possible at any time so that you can use your break to charge.
  • One electric motor for the traction drive and one for the work hydraulics - with this separation, energy consumption is minimized and the battery’s running time is optimized.
  • With our electrical parking brake’s braking system with the auto-hold and hill-hold function, we get back energy via recuperation. This also extends the running time.
Weidemann Hoftrac 1190e in the studio with loading flap open and machine loading

Simple loading procedure:

  • The central charging hatch is easily accessible from the outside. The socket, activation switch and charge level indicator are located directly behind it.
  • It is therefore possible to quickly and comfortably activate and deactivate the changing procedure.
  • A Battery Management System (BMS) monitors the charging procedure and secures this. It ensures a constant optimal temperature of the used battery, excludes a deep discharge, and therefore increases the efficiency and service life.
  • The 3 kW charger is always with the machine and is positioned next to the battery. A second 3 kW charger can be optionally selected to create an even faster charge time.

Innovation prizes

The developments implemented by Weidemann, in terms of the electric drive, over the last few years, have resonated with the national and international expert jury. The numerous awards for our zero emission product group reflects the great relevance macrosoially, and our long-term experience within this field.

Logo German Innovation Award 2023 Winner

German Innovation Award

1190e, Germany, 2023

Logo innovation award Farm Machine

Farm Machine

1190e, France, 2023

Logo innovation award Equitana

Equitana Innovationspreis

T4512e, Germany, 2023

Logo innovation award Sommet

Sommet d'Or

1190e, France, 2022

Logo innovation award Equitana

Equitana Innovationspreis

1190e, Germany, 2022

Logo innovation award German Design Award

German Design Award

1160 eHoftrac, Germany, 2019

Logo innovation award Demopark

Demopark Neuheitenwettbewerb

1160 eHoftrac, Germany, 2015

Logo innovation award Equitana

Equitana Innovationspreis

1160 eHoftrac, Germany, 2015

Logo innovation award Agra

Agra Innovationspreis

1160 eHoftrac, Bulgaria, 2015

Logo innovation award Eima

EIMA Innovationspreis

1160 eHoftrac, Italy, 2014


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