Terms of use

Use of these Internet sites and services (“Website”) provided by Weidemann GmbH and/or its subsidiaries (“Weidemann”) is exclusively permitted on the basis of the following terms of use. By using this website and/or by visiting it, you are agreeing to the validity of these terms of use in their respective, valid version. Therefore, please carefully read through them before using the website:

1. Services

Weidemann keeps certain information and software, where applicable together with documentation, on the website for requesting and downloading.

Weidemann reserves the right to change the website itself and/or services and information provided on the website in part or in full, at any time, and without advance notice; it also reserves the right to restrict or discontinue the website and/or services and information; as well as to restrict access to the website entirely or to parts of it, and to refuse access to individual users without advance notice and at their own discretion.

Weidemann endeavors to ensure essentially uninterrupted availability to the website and the services, as well as faultless transfers; however, it cannot be held liable for this.

2. Contents

The content on the website only serves a general information and communication purpose, and is not legally binding.

The information on our Weidemann products only serves the purpose of providing non-binding general information and does not replace the detailed, individual consultation for purchase decision. The technical features and equipment of the described devices and machines are only examples. Such features and equipment can vary country-specifically. Changes may be performed at any time.

Where our website contains statement directed to the future, the statements forms the beliefs and predictions of Weidemann management, and are therefore subject to risk and uncertainty. Weidemann does not undertake to update such future-directed statements. Liability for such statements is expressly excluded.

The stock exchange and economic information, rates, indices, prices, news, general market data, etc. already held and indicated for request, are exclusively thought to be for the website visitor’s information, and do not present investment advice or any other recommendation. Where the website contains analysts’ recommendations, Weidemann shall assume no liability, in particular also not for the accuracy and completeness of the assumptions and conclusions underlying these recommendations.

3. Use

This website is designed and provided by Weidemann in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Weidemann is not responsible for the website content’s suitability or availability for use outside of Germany, or whether access to content on this website is permitted outside of Germany; such access shall occur on the user’s own initiative and at their own risk. To maintain the respectively applicable, relevant laws and provisions, every user is responsible themselves, in particular the applicable provisions of the national and international (re-)export control rights must be maintained in the transfer of information and files provided by Weidemann to third parties.

Refrain from improper use of the website, in particular through (a) immoral conduct, (b) attacks on the Weidemann security network, particularly with the transfer of content containing viruses and/or comparable malware, which would impact the functionality of the computer of another, (c) circumventions of the website’s security measures, (d) spreading advertisements or unsolicited e-mails (spam) and such like, (e) restricting access to the website or services and/or use or even the attempt of such a restriction (for example by an unusually large number of access attempts, independent of whether these have been generated manually or automatically).

Weidemann can block access to the website at any time, in particular if the user has violated their duties from these conditions. Weidemann expressly reserves the right to assert other claims, e.g. compensation, as well as legal persecution of infringements.

4. Registration

Services available on the website may require prior registration; there is no claim to this.

The user undertakes to provide accurate information in full for the registration and to update it, where necessary. By registering, the user declares that they agree that Weidemann can contact them by e-mail, where necessary.

Registered users are responsible in keeping the access information provided during registration confidential so that unauthorized individual cannot access their account. They are liable for all orders and other activity on the website performed with their access information. Weidemann must be immediately informed if the access information has been used or could be used without authorization.

Weidemann reserves the right to withdraw access rights by blocking access information without advance notice, and without the need to provide reasoning, in particular where the user has violated the existing user obligations.

5. Intellectual property

This website is owned by Weidemann, and is operated and maintained by Weidemann. All information or data (text, image, graphic, sound, video, and animation files) are, where not others stated, the property of Weidemann. Like the structure and arrangement of the website, they are subject to the protection of copyright and other laws for the protection of intellectual property.

Where it has not been otherwise stated, the brands used on this website, even without special labeling, are protected by trademark. This is above all applicable to the company logos and labeling. It is not permitted to use these brands without the prior written consent of Weidemann.

With every use of the website, the copyright, naming rights, and trademark laws, as well as other protective rights of Weidemann GmbH and/or Wacker Neuson SE, Munich, and their group companies, must be observed.

Information, brand names, and other content from the Weidemann website, may not be changed, copy, distributed, sold, hired, used, amended or otherwise valued without the prior written consent of Weidemann, not even as an excerpt.

The placing of hyperlinks on the homepage of Weidemann website, like www.weidemann.de, is permitted if the link leads to the referenced site being completed loaded anew, without replacing the target site in a frame. Links deviating from this require consent from Weidemann before placing.

Through the website and these terms of use, no license is granted for the use of intellectual property of Weidemann GmbH or another company from the Wacker Neuson Group, nor does Weidemann meet a corresponding obligation to grant a right of that type.

All notifications and other material (including and unlimited, unsolicited sent-in ideas, concerns or elements) that you send via electronic mail to this site or to Weidemann can be used by Weidemann without compensation or pay for any commercial or other purpose. There is no contractual relationship for this.

6. Confidentiality and data protection

The transfer of data via this website, as well as e-mails and comments, sent to Weidemann, is not protected. Therefore, Weidemann is not responsible for the confidentiality of the sent content or the use or publication of this submission.

Where you convey personal information in the use of this website and/or make it available on the website, you agree that Weidemann shall handle such information pursuant to the regulations in the separate information regarding data protection (link in the footnote).

7. Exclusion of liability; limitations of liability

The information that Weidemann makes available to you on this website has been compiled with great care and is updated constantly. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that the information is always error-free and therefore exclude all liability for information made available on the website, in particular for its correctness, accuracy, completeness or topicality; we are not obligated to update the content of this website.

Weidemann is not liable for and does not assume responsible or liability for the functionality or the content of external websites, services or software products, which are made accessible via hyperlinks on this website. Corresponding hyperlinks are highlighted with a special symbol ( ). When activating hyperlinks, you are leaving the information provision by Weidemann. Deviating regulation may therefore apply to the offers of third parties, in particular with regard to data protection. Access to a website from another company via a hyperlink on this website remains the sole responsibility of the user. Weidemann assumes no liability for the linked content. A hyperlink to an external website is only to be understood as a service provision for the user and does not imply that Weidemann approve of the website or the products and services described there, or deem them to be correct.

Weidemann has made appropriate arrangements for the safety of this website; however, it does not guarantee that the website is free from viruses or guarantee the website’s security or its transferred files and data. Weidemann therefore recommends that user has appropriate security measures on their computer systems for their own protection.

Overall, the use of the content made available on this website and here is at the user’s own risk and excludes Weidemann of any liability.

The existing liability and warranty exclusions do not apply where Weidemann is compellingly liable according to the product liability law, due to intent, gross negligence, due to loss of life, bodily injury or damage to health, due to the adoption of a quality guarantee, due to malicious non-disclosure of a defect, or due to the violation of essential contractual obligations. However, compensation due to the violation of essential contractual obligations is limited to the contract-typical, foreseeable damages, insofar as there is no intent or gross negligence by Weidemann.

8. Applicable right and place of jurisdictionGerman law applies to the use of this website and to the terms of use, with the exception of a conflict of laws provisions and the UN sales law application. The place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes is where Weidemann GmbH is based.

9. Other

Weidemann can update or change the existing terms of use at any time. They are binding in their respective version.

In individual cases, these terms of use can be complemented, modified or replaced by other conditions, for example for the acquisition of products and/or services and/or for the use of specific offers, and independently of whether explicitly reference is made to these other terms of use.

Should provisions of these terms of use be declared as impermissible and not implementable for one reason or another, this shall have no impact on the remaining provisions; in this case, the terms of use are to be designed insofar as is possible with their original sense, as though they did not contain these unimplementable provisions.

Should you have any problems with or questions on the website by Weidemann, please contact our web master: webmaster@weidemann.de.

Updated: September 2012