New Operations Managing Director at Weidemann GmbH


Mr. Jens Harde was named as the Operations Managing Director for Weidemann GmbH with effect from 01 April 2024. 

The Weidemann management team will in future consist of Jens Harde with long-term Commercial Managing Director Bernd Apfelbeck (management spokesperson) and Technical Managing Director Thomas Tilly, who has been employed with the company since the end of 2018.

Within his role, Jens Harde will be responsible for the sectors of production with production planning, production control, assembly, lean management, execution planning, painting and technical acceptance, logistics, facility management as well as the sector of quality assurance and quality management of the internationally operable machine manufacturer Weidemann GmbH. The 61-year-old technical business economist and mechanical engineer Jens Harde has been able to gain profound experience throughout his career in different roles, for example as a plant manager of several automotive suppliers. In the field of connecting elements for aerospace technology, Jens Harde provides many years’ experience as a managing director of both national and international sites, among other things. Furthermore, Jens Harde has a lectureship in the field of business with the subjects of commercial value creation, as well as digitisation and digital management at the Hochschule Fresenius in Hamburg and Düsseldorf.

The strategic aim of Weidemann GmbH is to expand the market position, which is already strong, in regards to high procurement and product quality, as well as production efficiency for the ranges of compact Hoftracs, powerful wheel loaders and telescopic wheel loaders, as well as all-wheel telehandlers of the established Weidemann brand.

The Weidemann management team

The Weidemann GmbH management trio since 01 April 2024 (from left to right): The Technical Managing Director Thomas Tilly, the new Operations Managing Director Jens Harde and the Commercial Managing Director Bernd Apfelbeck in front of the administrations building in Korbach.

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