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Trade & industry

In use as an all-rounder everywhere.

Weidemann offers a well-thought-out and innovative product program with a high level of usability and matured technology for trade and industry applications. You will receive the Weidemann range in finely graduated performance and compact dimensions, so that we are in any case, able to offer you the right machine for your task.

Efficient work applications necessitate innovative technical solutions. Nowadays, economic efficiency is one of the most important features, which our wheel and tele wheel loaders, as well as telehandlers are able to offer your operation. Technically mature solutions with great lifting height, strong thrust forces, high stability, simple quickhitch system, and a connectible 100 % differential lock are relevant to your applications.</p> <p>Powerful, coordinated engines with the most up-to-date exhaust gas standards and excellent stability with great maneuverability, and excellent off-road capability are more cornerstones of our product concept. The more efficiently and more time-saving a machine works and is maneuvered, the higher the level of performance.

Emission-free work desired.

Since 2015, Weidemann has provided work machinery in series, which is driven fully electrically. The great advantage to this zero emission model: They banish exhaust gases and noise from the daily work routine. As a result providing improved conditions for the operator and the environment. In particular, it is possible to favorably complete work in noise-sensitive areas, such as in buildings, subject to clean room conditions, in direct neighborhoods, and subject to client traffic. Many of our customers have consciously chosen the aforementioned benefits and would no longer like to go without these machines in their everyday working life.

Tasks and applications in Trade & Industry

Discover the options from some examples.

  • Weidemann wheel loader 2080 in use

    Transport works

    Many things that require transportation in the trade and industry operation can be moved by a Weidemann machine with optimal traction, especially on uneven ground. With the right attachments, you can definitely securely hold and lift the transport goods.

  • Weidemann telehandler T4512 in use

    Loading work

    The loading height, stability and maneuverability play a crucial role in loading work. The Weidemann range offers you series of machines in graduated performance classes and the respective, appropriate attachments, no matter whether you would like to load bulk materials or piece goods.

  • Weidemann tele wheel loader 2080LPT in use

    Stacking work

    Moving heavy piece goods at high heights and stacking them is no problem - simply coordinate your Weidemann machine in size and performance to the respective work task. The operator assistance system vls (Vertical Lift System) supports our telehandlers with a semi-automated telescopic movement.

  • Weidemann Hoftrac 1390 in use


    Weidemann machines can be equipped with diverse sweeping machines, high-pressure cleaners, and brooms to clear dirt of any kind. Weeds can be mechanically removed with the weed broom. As a result, you can always keep your property and production system clean.

  • Weidemann Hoftrac 1380 in use

    Grounds maintenance

    To mow green spaces it is recommended that the Weidemann machine is equipped with a rotary mower, mulcher, or a flail mower. Likewise available for pruning hedges, shrubs, and trees are pruning saws, hedge cutters and double-knife mowers.

  • Weidemann Hoftrac 1390 in use

    Winter services

    Depending on the model, Weidemann machines can be equipped with different snow blades, rear spreaders, and snow blowers. Thus you will receive valuable support during your winter service in clearing the site of snow and ice.

  • Weidemann tele wheel loader 9580T in use


    Sort and stack recyclable material, fill system, move compost - the Weidemann machines can be optionally equipped for different applications within the field of recycling, for example with foamed tires, dust collector, auxiliary work lights or air-conditioning.

  • Weidemann wheel loader 2080LP in use

    Logistics & Goods Center

    The diverse storage and outsourcing activities can be performed easily with a Weidemann both outside and even where the terrain is uneven.&nbsp;You can even move heavy goods, because the machine construction and the axles are optimally designed for heavy loads.

  • Weidemann telehandler T4512 in use

    Mobile works

    Simply drive to your customer's: You can transport the smaller series on a trailer so that you can effortlessly pursue tasks at different application sites. Your ability to be both mobile and multi-functional make our machine unique.

  • Weidemann Hoftrac 1390 in use

    Attachment operation

    Weidemann machine can tow a trailer with the optional trailer coupling (different systems are available depending on the model). This extends the machine’s spectrum of application and offers more flexibility, as no additional towing vehicle is required.

  • Weidemann telehandler T4512 in use

    Underground parking entrances

    Delivery zones can often be found in the underground car parks of, for example, hotels or office and business premises. Generally, the entry height is under 2 m, however to quickly unload and process you often require a powerful working machine. You can find just this combination in the Weidemann range.

  • Weidemann Hoftrac 1390 in use

    Maintaining solar park

    For the regular maintenance of solar fields smaller, more maneuverable machines with a higher hydraulic performance are required for hours of mowing and mulching work. The optimal traction is of great importance, particularly on slopes.

Weidemann in use

Industry application reports

Our customers from different industry operations report which Weidemann machines they use, and which activities they complete with the machines.

Trade application reports

Our customers from different trade operations report which Weidemann machines they use, and which activities they complete with the machines.

Hotel and public house application reports

Our customers from different hotel and hospitality operations report which Weidemann machines they use, and which activities they complete with the machines.

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