Weidemann Hoftrac 1160e in use
Weidemann Hoftrac 1160e in use
Weidemann Hoftrac 1160e in use
Weidemann Hoftrac 1160e in use

Zoo & animal park

Ferociously good.

The Weidemann machines are in their element in the zoos and animal parks - they have been successfully used for decades in traditional farming within livestock farming. Feeding works, mucking out, transport and lifting works, maintenance works, and all this is perfectly performed daily with different attachments.

Compact design, low turning radii, and powerful performance - these features characterize the Weidemann machines, and have made them an indispensable component in modern animal care. These qualities are also sought after in zoos and animal parks: Narrow trails on which feed and materials need to be transported, which need likewise be used by visitors; close buildings with few storage capacities for feed and materials - Weidemann provides the perfect solutions for this.

Working emission-free.

The great advantage to our electrically-driven machines: They banish exhaust gases and noise from the daily work routine. As a result providing improved conditions for the operator and their immediate environment. Your valuable livestock is protected, because it is exposed to neither exhaust emission, nor noise. Especially work in areas like, for example, animal housing and the visitor zones, can be beneficially completed with these machines.

The lithium-ion battery running times are dependent on the respective application conditions, the work task, and the driving style. With the different battery sizes and charge capacities of our machines, we can effortlessly cover a working day. It is possible to charge intermittently at any time. The charger is positioned directly behind the battery in the machine.

Tasks and applications in the zoo & animal park

Discover the options from some examples.

  • Weidemann Hoftrac 1160e in use

    Transport works

    One of the most frequent tasks with which a Weidemann machine provides support is the transportation of different goods and materials. In doing so, most attachments, like a pallet fork or diverse buckets, come into play. Physically strenuous manual labor is mechanized.

  • Weidemann Hoftrac 1160e in use

    Stacking work

    Weidemann machines are not only very powerful, but depending on the model, they also provide a considerable lifting height. With this, it is possible to space-savingly stack cuboid bails on top of one another, for example, and to take them down again - where the storage capacities are restricted, this is a crucial 

  • Weidemann Hoftrac 1160e in use

    Feed management

    Large animals also need large amounts of feed. So that the feed handling can be resolved effectively, the use of a Weidemann machine with attachments like the grab bucket, fork and grab, or diverse bale forks is suitable - the narrow routes on your premises are therefore perfect for a Weidemann.

  • Weidemann Hoftrac 1160e in use


    Weidemann machines can be equipped with diverse sweeping machines, high-pressure cleaners and brooms for the different cleaning tasks. Weeds can be mechanically removed with the weed broom. With this, you can keep your zoo and/or animal park clean and will always present a positive image.

  • Weidemann Hoftrac 1160e in use

    Mucking out enclosures

    Keeping the animal enclosures clean and hygienic is a part of the daily routine in every zoo and/or animal park. Depending on the size and type of animal, there is a considerable amount of manure and dung. Even here a powerful Weidemann machine provides active support and assumes the heavy work.

  • Weidemann Hoftrac 1160e in use

    Elephant house

    In the elephant house there is a lot to do: large amounts of feed or heavy toys like tree trunks and tires need to be moved. Mucking out enclosures and keeping them clean is likewise a task that has to be performed daily. For this heavy work, the use of Weidemann machine is well-suited.

  • Weidemann Hoftrac 1380 in use

    Grounds maintenance

    To mow green spaces it is recommended that the Weidemann machine is equipped with a rotary mower, mulcher, or a flail mower. Likewise available for pruning hedges, shrubs, and trees are pruning saws, hedge cutters and double-knife mowers.

  • Weidemann Hoftrac 1390 in use

    Winter services

    Depending on the model, Weidemann machines can be equipped with different snow blades and rear spreaders. Thus you will receive valuable support during your winter service in clearing the site as well as access and service roads of snow and ice.

  • Weidemann Hoftrac 1160e in use

    Low clearance heights

    The appropriate height of the machine is a necessity to pass through different building entrances in the zoo and animal park. For this, Weidemann offers machines in graduated heights as well as special low position models and compact machines with fold-down overhead guards eps (Easy Protection System).

Weidemann in use

Zoo & animal park application reports

Our customers in zoos & animal parks report which Weidemann machines they use, and which activities they complete with the machines.

Weidemann Hoftrac 1160e in use

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