Different Weidemann Hoftracs standing in front of an agricultural plant
Weidemann telehandler T7042 and Weidemann Hoftrac 1260LP in use
Weidemann wheel loader 5080 and tele wheel loader 9580T in use


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Simply be better informed:

Modern fleet management is a good basis for the successful and economically efficient beneficial application of work machinery within your operation. With our telematics solution, Weidemann EquipCare, you can keep an eye on your machine(s) and know their status, availability and use in detail.

Comfortable and location-independent utilization is guaranteed via the EquipCare Manager (PC, laptop) and the EquipCare app (mobile end-devices). Weidemann machines are equipped with the EquipCare module ex works so that a subsequent retrofit is not required. You will receive your access details promptly prior to the delivery of your ordered machine.

Equipcare app on a smartphone

EquipCare provides your with the following benefits:

  • Precise information on your machine’s operating data (e.g. operating hours, engine output, driving speed, routes, etc.).
  • Machine status (e.g. engine temperature, cooling system, and hydraulics, etc.).
  • Machine fill levels (e.g. fuel, hydraulic oil, coolant, etc.).
  • Improved service management with specific planning of notifications for maintenance, faults, and repairs.
  • Achieve shorter downtimes with remote diagnosis as the service partner already has a range of information without having inspected the machine on-site.
Equipcare program on the PC display

More EquipCare benefits:

    • Straight-forward development of guarantee cases because causes of damage can be easily identified.
    • Machine theft protect through the geofencing and the complete provision of location in real-time. This enables some insurers to provide better conditions based on the tracking option.
    • Increase in the run-time and service life of your machine thanks to the pro-active communication.
    • Higher resale value of used machines.
    • Compatibility with apps from other manufacturers: With this, you can develop fleet management for your whole fleet.

    If you should wish to equip your existing Weidemann machine with EquipCare, our distributor will gladly offer you a retrofit.